Rendering walls, examining showers

Pretty much all of the bonding on walls has now been removed in the house, and sand/cement render has taken its place.

The piping in the closet (to the cylinder) is looking a bit out of place at the moment, and the builder is suggesting “hey, what if we move the cylinder?” – to be considered. The sub-floor is pretty damp several days after being cleared out, and all the wood that was there was utterly rotten – untreated timber planted straight on to a damp sub-floor and surrounded by concrete!

The master bathroom has a very low ceiling over the bath. Well, had. I told the builder to investigate it to find out how the lighting and extraction was done, and it turns out there’s loads of headroom up there. It’ll get insulated like the rest of the bathroom ceiling, some bits will get moved around, and I’ll be able to stand in the bath without my head hitting the ceiling.

The master bedroom front wall is coming along nicely. Thermal board is up, and the builder is attempting to keep the curved reveal.