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  • Dropping a ceiling

    Dropping a ceiling

    We took the trim off of the master bedroom wardrobe this morning to investigate whether there was a need to replace any of the ceiling after the entry of water into the property. What we found was ceiling plasterboard that wasn’t firmly attached to the ceiling joists, and signs of previous attempts to screw the […]

  • It’s a kitchen!

    It’s a kitchen!

    The kitchen has been installed, bar two doors – one for the dry goods cupboard (at least, that’s the current intent for it), and the fridge. The install took two days, with the main run going in on Monday, and the “dry” wall units going in on Tuesday. The fitter was a fairly tidy worker, […]

  • Taking up the laminate in the porch

    Taking up the laminate in the porch

    Photos say it all.

  • Taking up the laminate in the master bedroom

    Taking up the laminate in the master bedroom

    The master bedroom laminate had at least two obvious problems. By the chimney flue, the floor was flexing significantly, and by the built-in wardrobe, the floor was butted so hard to the wardrobe it was tilted upwards. My friendly builder showed up this morning, chippy in tow. Off came the skirting boards (with bare hands […]

  • Kitchen arrives

    Kitchen arrives

    All of the bits for the kitchen have arrived. The electrician has the downstairs lights working too.

  • Flooring contractor fired

    Flooring contractor fired

    For the flooring of my house, I opted to go with MNP Flooring – I had been talking to a different firm earlier in the year about doing engineered wood, and when I reached out to Alex N. at that company, he said they didn’t do laminate or carpet, but that he could arrange that […]