Boat Projects

To Do

  • Investigate whether I can get a smaller wheel for the helm; her wheel is so large it’s hard to get to the sheet winches etc.
  • Build the electronics required to convert the engine RPM signal from the tachometer to ERRPM NMEA sentences
    • Oscilloscope on order, and I have various things like a Feather HUZZAH that might work for ADC conversion
  • Re-check all the navigation lights, and work out how to repair/replace broken ones on the mast
  • Finish labelling all of the electrical cables in the wiring cabinet behind the chart table
  • Work out what it’ll cost to upgrade from her older Raymarine SeaTalk system to a NMEA 2000 system with chart plotter etc
  • Build a NMEA logger that can consume data over WiFi from the MiniPlex and log it to a SD card.
    • A Raspberry Pi is the easy way, but requires more power than I want.
    • The Feather would work, especially if it only came on periodically and captured a snapshot of data.
    • The Pi needs 1 – 2 amps of power, the Feather needs 80 milliamps.
  • Work out why the water from the calorifier is brown; suspect something inside the tank has rusted, since cold feed is not brown
    • Enquire with Quick about the existing water heater, see if the modern ones are a drop-in replacement
    • Suspect issue is lack of knowledge on my part about the anode in the heater
  • Install a solar panel to keep the batteries topped up in winter etc
    • Forward of the companionway seems like the right place; have to work out how to get the power cable down to the batteries without taking the headliner off
  • Engine exhaust needs replacing

In Progress

  • Sanitation works
    • Second to last job left is replacing the cobbled join behind the head with a single run of Vetus 38mm
    • Last job left is putting all the boards back in place and screwing everything down in the head