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  • Renovating the studio – part 21

    Renovating the studio – part 21

    Today’s work was the skimming of the workshop, and dealing with a crack in the wall outside the bathroom. The crack in the wall outside of the bathroom looked like it might go all the way through the wall (as there’s a matching crack on the outside), but it turned out to just be settlement. […]

  • Renovating the studio: part 3

    Renovating the studio: part 3

    Not a lot of progress yesterday – the skip that should have been removed at 10:30 didn’t get removed until after lunch, which delayed the delivery of goods from the building supplier, and then it rained. However, the shallow footings have been dug, the shuttering is done for the concrete pour, and the supplies were […]

  • Renovating the studio: part 2

    Renovating the studio: part 2

    The builders were back bright and early today – pretty sure they were parked at the bottom of the drive at 20 past 7. The studio is pretty much gone, and the demolition was interesting. The roof came off first, and this is where Michael (head builder) discovered that the door frame had been taking […]

  • Renovating the studio: part 1

    Renovating the studio: part 1

    It’s taken a while, but the builder has finally been able to get here to look at taking the studio roof up by a course or two of bricks. Earlier in the year he came by to refresh his memory and check the holes in walls that I’d made to find out what was behind […]

  • Dropping a ceiling

    Dropping a ceiling

    We took the trim off of the master bedroom wardrobe this morning to investigate whether there was a need to replace any of the ceiling after the entry of water into the property. What we found was ceiling plasterboard that wasn’t firmly attached to the ceiling joists, and signs of previous attempts to screw the […]

  • Balcony replaced, more skimming

    Balcony replaced, more skimming

    The old balcony material has been removed completely, the joist next to the RSJ was lifted out long enough to get the RSJ fully painted, and a new marine plywood surface has been put in ready for torch felting. The builder and roofer noted that there was no proper angling of the felt in front […]