Left the property at 9 am after talking to the builder, fireplace guy, and plumber/gas guys. Told the builder what was ok in terms of holes cut into walls etc, and left them to it.

  • The drain path for the porch downpipe has been kango’d into the ground,
  • The porch top slab has been turned into rubble,
  • The gas pipe has been capped and removed,
  • The old cold storage tanks and boiler header tank are ripped out,
  • The radiators are ripped out,
  • The radiator feeds are capped.

The porch area is definitely damp.

The doorway areas for the breakfast room and kitchen are drying up, which is to be expected now that the moisture isn’t trapped. There’s probably still a damp issue there, but when my QS mate is on site on Thursday to chat with the builder, we’ll firm up the approach to fixing this.

The new water tank has been delivered as well, and doing the maths, it may need just a bit more reinforcement in the framing that will support it. I’ll talk to the builder tomorrow when the sparks is visiting, and work out what’s happening next.

The old hot tank is also gone.

The pile outside is getting bigger and bigger.. well, piles. Skip should arrive in a day or two to facilitate the removal of the piles.

It’s amazing what can be done in a day
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