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  • café gray, Greystones

    café gray, Greystones

    Tea and a cake Nice place, no loud music (it’s there, but way down in the background), comfy chairs, good sound insulation from the busy main road. Pity about the lemon in the apple and almond slice.

  • A Flamenco Night

    Towards the end of last month, Matt Hernandez dropped me an e-mail enquiring whether I’d be interested in showing up at Cox’s Yard for an evening of Flamenco/Celtic fusion, featuring the Street Shepherd Band with Ana Garcia, and supported by Katie Dove-Dixon. I knew I was on call, but said that I’d like to show […]

  • Amy MacDonald

    Every now and then, I wander up to Sainsbury’s supermarket during my lunch hour; usually accompanying Mike and Jason (two gents I work with).  Mike has a habit of picking up one CD or DVD every week, and one day it rubbed off on me, and I picked up Amy MacDonald’s This Is The Life […]

  • New rig.

    The new beast of a workstation arrived (in parts) at 7:45 this morning. I’m now typing up this posting using the new beast, and watching Windows Update install 77 updates. Amazingly, there were no more updates after a reboot. Regarding the assembly of the beast, I’m very impressed with the level of documentation that came […]

  • On music, DRM and Megan Palmer

    I’ve been looking around recently for places I can get music that won’t line the pockets of the RIAA with more cash. I disagree with the strong-arm tactics of the RIAA, its stance that all music sharing is illegal, and I really dislike DRM. So, that promptly rules out the Apple iTunes store, and any […]

  • SmartDisk Photobank

    Work paid a bonus this month, and I decided to finally get myself a portable photo wallet for when I’m at events like RIAT, without Mum’s jukebox to offload on to. I’ve been eyeing up things like the Epson P-2000 and P-4000, as well as various HD based MP3 players, trying to find a device […]