On music, DRM and Megan Palmer

I’ve been looking around recently for places I can get music that won’t line the pockets of the RIAA with more cash. I disagree with the strong-arm tactics of the RIAA, its stance that all music sharing is illegal, and I really dislike DRM. So, that promptly rules out the Apple iTunes store, and any of the major record-label stores. I’d also like to find more music than the crap that mainstream radio stations and labels push. Enter two stores so far, Zunior.com and eMusic.com. eMusic have recently opened a virtual storefront in the UK, and I’ve heard that they carry independent labels and artists, and a bit of older mainstream music.

I signed up for the eMusic trial – 25 downloads, gratis, no DRM, no restrictions of any type. A bit of browsing, and I found some music I liked. *click*. A bit more browsing and I converted my trial subscription to a paid one (£9 for 40 tracks), and started a small downloading spree which included some absolutely classic Bob Marley live tracks.

Forget Me Not Album Cover

On with the subject of this post. I’ve been listening to the 30 second samples of a Megan Palmer album, Forget Me Not, and thoroughly enjoying it.So far, my favourite tracks are Portland, Tomorrow’s, Lemonade, and Angelo. In fact, I’ve enjoyed the samples enough that I’ve clicked the download all button and grabbed the entire album. Oh yes, this album isn’t even out yet.To give Zunior a bit more love – they’re a Canadian store, with pure independent releases, and given the exchange rate of $1 CAD being 47p GBP, there’s a good chance I’ll be downloading some music from there as well. Both Zunior and eMusic carry the Nettwerk Records label, and I’m finding some really nice music on that label.