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  • A Fire Upon The Deep

    In a comment on my last book review, Dave suggested that I might like Vernor Vinge’s A Fire Upon The Deep.  I finally got around to logging in to the Staffordshire Library system, and put in an inter-library loan request for it.  About a week later, I receive a letter from the library system – […]

  • Breezy to Dapper upgrade

    I figured that I’d upgrade my work PC to Ubuntu Dapper this morning. In retrospect, considering that my heating and hot water pump died this morning, and dropped water all over my floor, I really shouldn’t have done this upgrade. Things that broke: GUI KDE Sound Networking Who knows what else The GUI required a […]

  • Mice. The electronic type.

    My faithful(ish) Wireless Intellimouse Explorer has been giving me some grief recently. Even with new or fully charged batteries as the power supply, it randomly decides that the LED is going to flash like mad, not read the surface, and stop my cursor dead in its tracks. Very very annoying when trying to use Kmail […]

  • MMORPGing

    A few months back, a friend of mine (Hi Andy!) introduced me to City of Heroes. It’s a fairly interesting game, though I find the concept of shards of the world being wholly independent a bit restricting. If there are people all around the world playing, I’d like to be able to interact with them […]

  • The Book of Postfix

    As a sort-of long time Postfix user/administrator, I was quite eager to get my hands on The Book of Postfix. It’s written by two of the more active and knowledgeable admins on the Postfix users mailing list, and should thus be a good read. I’m by no means a wizard at administering Postfix, but hopefully […]