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  • New hallway joists, changing the balcony

    New hallway joists, changing the balcony

    The hallway joists have been replaced, and some lovely rotten timber was removed. The hallway has also been leveled to match the master bedroom, and it’s a pretty incredible 8 cm drop over 2 metres of run. The bits for the balcony have also been taken up, and it’s evident that there’s pooling on the […]

  • Strengthening the wall

    Strengthening the wall

    The top of the new brick wall has been packed out with slate, and sealed over; all the loose crap has been pulled out of the wall; the rotten timber is gone; new supports are shuttered in. There’s some nice granite to be kept for the garden, and the rest of the crap goes in […]

  • Structural issues, and plans to address them

    Structural issues, and plans to address them

    Met with Pat, the structural engineer, this morning at the house. We talked through the issue with the rotten wood, and the poor support of the end-of-bedroom wall, as well as the incorrect fall of the concrete outside the front of the property. The proposed solution is to brick up the doorway between the living […]

  • Weekly round-up of Housegate

    Weekly round-up of Housegate

    On the plus side, the kitchen fitter came by and measured up so that I can talk to the kitchen company and order new units; the neighbour agreed to me being able to dig up some concrete on their property to seal the party wall properly. I think those the only positive aspects to “This […]

  • Structural issues, more damp

    Structural issues, more damp

    Well, it turns out it’s a good thing I asked the builder to strip the kitchen interior wall (shared with the living room); that rotted bit of wood that we thought only held up the steps above it also holds up the RSJ that braces the bedroom floor, the balcony joists, and the roof at […]

  • Opening up the nook, rotten wood, why is the bathroom so high?

    Opening up the nook, rotten wood, why is the bathroom so high?

    Yesterday morning, I suggest to the builder that if it would make it easier, he could strip the final wall in the kitchen, so that the plasterboard would be flush from one end to the other. Who tell me say that? Anyway, half of the wet wall (ie, the wall to the outside where the […]