Strengthening the wall

The top of the new brick wall has been packed out with slate, and sealed over; all the loose crap has been pulled out of the wall; the rotten timber is gone; new supports are shuttered in. There’s some nice granite to be kept for the garden, and the rest of the crap goes in the skip (which arrived this morning).

The lintels are waiting on the living room floor – four of them, 4 feet wide, and 5 1/2 inches tall overall, for a 5 3/4 inch gap. The builder’s mate was telling me that they’ll bed them on concrete, and then pack in slate above to fill the remaining gap and put some pressure on the structure. The structural engineer has been past, and is happy with the work – said it looks good, clean and conscientious builder who cares about the job.

Three plumbers on site yesterday, to fit a flue and a soil pipe. I’m told one of them just sat around, because he’s leaving on Friday, and he left part of an old chair behind – that’ll not go in the skip, they can have it back.