Weekly round-up of Housegate

On the plus side, the kitchen fitter came by and measured up so that I can talk to the kitchen company and order new units; the neighbour agreed to me being able to dig up some concrete on their property to seal the party wall properly. I think those the only positive aspects to “This Week in Housegate”.

On the negative side,

  • Structural engineer confirmed that rotten wood is a problem, and I’m meeting him on Monday to talk through my options; builder reckons I’ll have to block up the alcove and the breakfast room door. The door I’m not fussed by, but I really liked that alcove where the old window was
  • Taking up the tarmac confirmed that the concrete slab is angled in the completely wrong direction; it runs towards the property, funneling several square metres of catchment right at the corner of the house
  • The hallway joists are completely rotten in the middle. At least that’s an easy fix.