Today has seen the rendering of the outside walls completed. It’s a lot of work, from the application to the smoothing to the rubbing with a wet sponge to get the texture. The top of the wall has also been finished off (and rubbed with a wet sponge to smooth it out), and all of the crap that was in the garden bed by the workshop has now been removed and chucked into the skip.

My neighbour popped around to ask if the builder was done working in his passageway, which we were able to confirm. Took the opportunity to ask him whether he was happy with the rendering done on his side of the party wall, and the answer was an emphatic “yes”, so neighbour relations are kept in good standing.

Builder is suggesting some golden gravel might work nicely in the space by the building. Just need to cap the tarmac that edges it. Don’t need a ton bag though, so might be a bit hard to procure the amount needed.

Renovating the studio – part 14
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