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  • Making a MFT-clone surface

    Making a MFT-clone surface

    A while ago, I bought the UJK multi-function workbench to use in the workshop while I pondered the issue of setting up my own custom bench. The UJK bench is decent, though the stability of the trestle legs leaves a bit to be desired – sturdy and resistant to rocking they are not. However, it […]

  • Progress on the workshop

    Progress on the workshop

    With some help from Mum over Christmas, the workshop is in a near functional state. Bench is built, backing for a cleat wall is installed, and the MDF top for the bench went on yesterday. I tried to be fancy with the way the legs attached to the aprons, but reversed the direction of wood […]

  • Renovating the studio – parts 24 and 25

    Renovating the studio – parts 24 and 25

    With the skim coat finally a consistent colour, I was able to get two base coats and a soft sheen coat on. Good thing I mentioned what I was doing to the guy at the local hardware store, otherwise I might have put vinyl-based paint right on to the skim coat, and it would have […]

  • Renovating the studio – part 21

    Renovating the studio – part 21

    Today’s work was the skimming of the workshop, and dealing with a crack in the wall outside the bathroom. The crack in the wall outside of the bathroom looked like it might go all the way through the wall (as there’s a matching crack on the outside), but it turned out to just be settlement. […]

  • Renovating the studio – part 20

    Renovating the studio – part 20

    Today was the last of the boards going up, and the near-final measurements of the workshop are in – 2.25m x 4.7m x ~2.2m (mid-point of sloped ceiling). Drain channel was mostly dug out too. Boarding out was slower today, because it was all the fiddly bits. Electrician dropped by yesterday too, just to discuss […]

  • Renovating the studio – part 18

    Renovating the studio – part 18

    Not too much done today; the scratch coat was still too damp, so it’s being left until Tuesday before boarding out the walls. Solar paint is on, doorstep is cast, and all the guttering at the front of the house has been replace for consistency of appearance. I’ll be reusing the old metal guttering for […]