We took the trim off of the master bedroom wardrobe this morning to investigate whether there was a need to replace any of the ceiling after the entry of water into the property. What we found was ceiling plasterboard that wasn’t firmly attached to the ceiling joists, and signs of previous attempts to screw the plasterboard to the joists.

The two options were to try and screw the plasterboard back on using screws and disks, or to drop the ceiling and re-do it. I opted for the latter; it’ll be more work, but it means we get a good look at the joists.

It turned out to be the right choice so far – with the wardrobe completely removed, the builder has found signs of moisture in the bonding on the wall, and a sagging bit of ceiling.

The plumbers are on site commissioning the boiler, second fixing the kitchen plumbing, and commissioning the second bathroom. The electrician is on site, and thinks he’s got about a week to go.

Dropping a ceiling
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