Making progress everywhere

Well, the hot cylinder is moving to under the boiler, the boiler is coming off of the current wall and moving on to the wall next to it (90 degree turn), all the piping and motorised valves have to move, the bathroom for bedroom 3 is covered in tile backer board (insulated, concrete).. something has to crop up.

As part of that boiler move, the builder has been able to strip that last bit of kitchen wall, coat it in waterproofing/tanking compound, and put sand/cement render over it.

The plumbs have managed to fit the tank etc in a smaller space than I thought it would be, which means I get back a bit more wall as storage space.

The electrician is also getting his work in – power cables everywhere, and done fairly neatly into the ceiling. The builder will patch and re-skim those holes.

The living room was getting a bit full, so I offered to re-flat-pack a bunch of the existing kitchen carcasses, since they’re going in a skip.