Progress on the workshop

With some help from Mum over Christmas, the workshop is in a near functional state. Bench is built, backing for a cleat wall is installed, and the MDF top for the bench went on yesterday.

I tried to be fancy with the way the legs attached to the aprons, but reversed the direction of wood in my head a few times. This means the top of each leg is unique, instead of consistent. Ah well, live and learn. The base for the cleat wall is screwed to the timber framing that’s behind the insulated plasterboard; something like eighteen 120mm x 6mm screws fix it to the framing. I don’t think it’ll move any time soon. Now I need to talk to the local builder’s yard about a sheet of 18mm plywood; might have to get myself a sheet-goods carrying thing as the yard is only half a km away, and paying 20 euro to have a single sheet of plywood delivered is a bit silly.

That sheet of ply would then get cut down with the track saw into ~8 cm x 2.2m strips, with a 45 degree bevel, giving me a bunch of cleats to screw to the backing board, and then I can make up various tool holders.

17000 lumens of light has turned out to be a good decision with the white walls; hardly any shadows when working at the bench, though I may still try and fit some kind of work light on the backing board to give myself some extra spotlight capability. Also need to source something a bit better than a ~25 year old Dyson as my shop vacuum, and make up some storage to go under the bench.