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  • Playing with ISDN

    As I work on the current big project at $work, I’m getting more exposure to ISDN (otherwise called It Still Does Nothing by my boss), and the tools used to diagnose ISDN connectivity issues. We’ve got a few bits of kit lying around here, including handsets that can emulate a PBX or monitor an ISDN […]

  • Long time no write.

    Yeah, I’ve let things lapse a bit more than I normally do. New job has me quite occupied, and I had a house guest for the past month. House guest has now gone home, and I’m back to being a lazy bachelor. Yes, this means I need to do the dishes in the sink. Perhaps […]

  • I’m a twit

    Note to self, when testing backup software that needs a gigabit link to get full performance, use the gigabit card for the network connection, not the 100 Mbit/s card. I’ve been doing speed tests to test the multiplexing of Yosemite’s Backup, and it was capping out at 600 – 650 MB/minute, even with 8 servers […]

  • Dhclient3 and MS DHCP classless static routes

    $dayjob uses a Microsoft server for DHCP. Not really a problem, except out of the box, the (K)Ubuntu dhcp client (dhclient3) doesn’t actually support option 249 – classless-static-routes (or ms-classless-static-routes as some sites on the net refer to it). The format that the MS DCHP server spits out is the mask, followed by the subnet, […]

  • Dear brain, please pay attention.

    So I’m sitting here working on a mid-sized array that defines permission flag names, and the default values for different types of user – I’ve dumped the array out after sorting it, and I’m re-importing it into the code so that I can find bits easier (alpha search by analogue eye).  As I’m running a […]

  • Net::Server to the rescue

    Some days, programming can be quite fun. Boss dropped a hot rock on the lap of myself and the other developer, saying that a customer (to be?) who had a bit of paper for us wouldn’t give us the paper until a certain feature offered by sales was done. Our task (and we didn’t get […]