Some days, programming can be quite fun. Boss dropped a hot rock on the lap of myself and the other developer, saying that a customer (to be?) who had a bit of paper for us wouldn’t give us the paper until a certain feature offered by sales was done. Our task (and we didn’t get cool theme music or ’should you choose to accept it’) was to create this feature by the end of the week. By the end of the day would be even better.

Round 1 – see if any of our current stuff will do this feature without heavy bending. Nope.

Round 2 – come up with an idea, bounce it off of my fellow developer. Why not prototype it?

Round 3 – write prototype program in about 30 minutes. Test it lightly, declare proof-of-concept functional.

Round 4 – integrate round 3 into the existing code and test it some more. 30 minutes later, declare code functional as version 0.01.

Round 5 – package up the new code and store it somewhere safe should we have to do this again.

Total time from concept to functional, actually semi-robust code? 1 hour.

I like perl. I also like Net::Server.

Net::Server to the rescue
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