Yeah, I’ve let things lapse a bit more than I normally do. New job has me quite occupied, and I had a house guest for the past month. House guest has now gone home, and I’m back to being a lazy bachelor. Yes, this means I need to do the dishes in the sink. Perhaps tomorrow.

Work has thrown up an interesting project recently; I’ve had to learn a fair bit more about Asterisk, and some lingo for a totally different world than computing. The project has also given me more reason to knuckle down and get a distribution server up and running, using knowledge from the previous job. It’s certainly different working for a (slightly) larger company – in comparison to both the previous job and my work in academia post-degree. That said, I’m enjoying it thoroughly, and picking up more Windows administration skills than I will ever admit to knowing (like using VBScript + HTA + ODBC to make a 30 minute task take 1 minute).

On the EVE front, the corporation I’m in is back into Empire space, having grown tired of the antics of the alliance we were in. Three other corporations have ever so kindly declared war against us, so we’re having fun shooting them, not playing by their rules, and never talking to them in the chat channels. The ‘never talk’ one seems to really get their goat. Led a fleet operation on Saturday, and managed to lose no ships while destroying four of the enemy. Only four battleships though, we missed the heavy interdictor.

Also on the EVE front, I’m doing more work on the kill board software that we use to track our kills and losses. I wrote a value editor module for version 1.2 of the kill board, and have been keeping it compliant with 1.2, 1.3 and the latest 1.4 release. Also been contributing patches to fix other issues with the software, though mostly minor ones. Assuming no one reports problems with the value editor, I should be submitting a rather large patch to the KB folks to get the latest version included into 1.4 (they have an old version, and it confuses people!).

And just because I’m living in the UK: My, what strange weather for this time of year.  Unseasonably warm.  Frogs are spawning already.

Long time no write.
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