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  • Java, I Stab At Thee!

    I’m doing some final tuning work on the Puppet recipes for our Glassfish installation, and Java has reared one of its ugly heads again. In this case, it’s the whole management of the command line arguments for the JVM. The majority of the arguments we need to configure take the form -D$variable=$value -XX:$variable=$value The problem […]

  • Crash (but not burn)

    On a good day, I learn something new. Today can thus be classified as a good day, even if it did involve a bug that caused a Catalyst 5500 core switch to crash, taking out our entire network. Cisco support wiki on said bug.

  • An opaque Glassfish error

    Doing more testing at work today, and decided to pickup the latest compiled output from the build server. Exception occured in J2EEC Phasejava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown ContainerTransaction type [Requires] com.sun.enterprise.deployment.backend.IASDeploymentException: Error loading deployment descriptors for module [EJB FILE] — Unknown ContainerTransaction type [Requires] at com.sun.enterprise.deployment.backend.Deployer.loadDescriptors(Deployer.java:390) Pinged one of the developers about that, and apparently it means that […]

  • Autostarting Glassfish on CentOS

    I’ve been working with Glassfish recently, from the system administration point of view.  First task, after getting a good build with Maven (doing it with basic rpm methods netted me a massive dependency list, including things like Firefox!), was to write an init script so that Glassfish can be integrated into the CentOS boot sequence. […]

  • Windows XP, VPNs and DNS

    I have a work-supplied laptop.  Until this week, whenever I activated the PPTP VPN to work, I was able to resolve all of our internal servers by DNS name.  This is good, it means I can navigate our network at work without remembering IP addresses. This week I’m on call.  I had to VPN in […]

  • On MS Exchange and meeting rooms

    In the current job, I’m dealing with Microsoft-based administrator more than I ever have before. I don’t mind too much, it gives me a few more skills, and another bullet point or three on the resume. Today, however, Exchange has been driving me batty. We have Exchange 2003 – it’s not bad once it’s had […]