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  • Zenfolio and taking the leap

    Photography, for me, is a hobby verging on a passion; with most of my pleasure coming from shooting at gigs.  I get to hear good music, and I get to hone my skills – not a bad life really. I’m also a system administrator, with the ability to write code in a variety of languages, […]

  • Bequia to St. Vincent to Barbados

    Up before the sun. Tidied up the ropes, and we were off into the Bequia channel by 0650 (after bathing Mum in vinegar because she ran in to some jellyfish on her morning swim). The channel was rougher than the leg down, but nowhere near as rough as we’ve seen it before, so it was […]

  • Tobago Cays to Bequia

    Not the best of nights; one squall and awake several times to investigate non-rhythmic noises.  Got up relatively late, 06:45. Yacht is prepped, we leave for Bequia soon.  Sailing in the morning light is cooler, it’s easier to see the reef to the west of the Cays, and the sun isn’t as strong on the […]

  • Petit St. Vincent to the Tobago Cays

    Up with the sun again, and a quick battening of the hatches as a small squall went through. The plan is to depart around 10:00 for the Cays. Leaving at this time gives us the morning light from the east on ‘Mopion’ and ‘Pinese’, making it easy to see disturbed water etc, and also gives […]

  • Petit St. Vincent

    Woke up far too early, wandered to the stern, observed the light and went back to bed. Got up again around 06:30. We decreed today to be a day of rest; we’ll go up to the Cays tomorrow. Nipped across to Petit Martinique (part of Grenada’s territory, so the yacht would have to clear customs […]

  • Union to Petit St. Vincent

    Up before any one else today. ‘Nature’ channel is in full swing as the pelicans catch breakfast. Watched 3 fishermen drift along the bay, using a hand-thrown net to catch bait fish – the pelicans don’t seem to care at all. Around 09:00, Mum and I took the dinghy over to where the birds were […]