Petit St. Vincent

Woke up far too early, wandered to the stern, observed the light and went back to bed. Got up again around 06:30.

We decreed today to be a day of rest; we’ll go up to the Cays tomorrow. Nipped across to Petit Martinique (part of Grenada’s territory, so the yacht would have to clear customs to go there) in the dinghy around 08:30 with Dad for more ice (at ~ 1/3 the cost in Bequia), cheese and fresh bread. Committed to staying in the shade until 15:00, at which point I may go back to Petit Martinique to use the internet cafe. No TV channels of interest in PSV right now; only company is an expensive looking catamaran, crewed if you please.

Around 15:30, the ‘Nature’ channel tuned in, with some wind gusts and a solitary brown booby. We were all standing on the fore deck observing the coming squalls when the booby decided to have a short bath in the sea alongside ‘Lady Di’, and then procedded to cruise, with barely a flap of his wings (it was rather windy), on to the pulpit not more than 5 feet away from us. He (she?) had a bit of an issue gripping the stainless steel, but seemed quite content otherwise; going as far as to fold his wings in, and then extend one to keep his balance. There was a red tag on his right leg, making us wonder if he ‘belonged’ to PSV’s hotel – no other booby we’ve seen up close has been tagged.