Union to Petit St. Vincent

Up before any one else today. ‘Nature’ channel is in full swing as the pelicans catch breakfast. Watched 3 fishermen drift along the bay, using a hand-thrown net to catch bait fish – the pelicans don’t seem to care at all.

Around 09:00, Mum and I took the dinghy over to where the birds were fishing, dropped anchor and fit our snorkeling gear. Dropped into the sea, and not a fish in sight, just sand, rock and weed. Headed inshore, and suddenly we were surrounded by thousands of fish, all about 2 inches long. Then came across a moray eel, and backpedaled (well, I did) – I don’t like morays. Given enough room, they’re as safe as any other wild animal (aka, you really don’t know what they’ll do). In truth, they look more menacing than they are due to the fact they breath with their mouth open, fangs out.