Petit St. Vincent to the Tobago Cays

Up with the sun again, and a quick battening of the hatches as a small squall went through. The plan is to depart around 10:00 for the Cays. Leaving at this time gives us the morning light from the east on ‘Mopion’ and ‘Pinese’, making it easy to see disturbed water etc, and also gives us western light when we go into the Cays.

The ‘Allo Allo’ channel came in crystal clear for about 10 seconds this morning, courtesy of the German-crewed charter catamaran on our starboard quarter. A pleasant way to start the day.

Watched the dinghy from the American-crewed catamaran ahead of us head for the dinghy dock, and then start paddling half-way across. The ladies hopped off and went for a walk, while the guy paddled the dinghy back to the catamaran. Suspect dirty plugs or water in the fuel.