As a sort-of long time Postfix user/administrator, I was quite eager to get my hands on The Book of Postfix. It’s written by two of the more active and knowledgeable admins on the Postfix users mailing list, and should thus be a good read. I’m by no means a wizard at administering Postfix, but hopefully I can glean some useful knowledge from the book and increase my knowledge.

I placed my order on Tuesday, via, and it arrived Thursday – nice turnaround time (not that England is that big of a country).

So, how good is it? Very. I’ve already fixed my TLS setup so that the two MXs I run have the CA certs etc required to prove that they are who they say they are. I’ve also tweaked my SMTP rejection parameters based on Chapter 8 to be a bit more efficient in terms of resource use.

The book covers everything from basic setup of a server that can receive mail for a domain to a server that can talk to MySQL, LDAP and more, while visiting anti-spam restrictions and things like content-filters (think SpamAssassin / anti-virus). Well worth what I paid, and definitely recommended to any Postfix administrator. The authors are already planning a second edition to fix any blips that made it through into edition 1 (and there are one or two I’ve seen so far, and reported back), and update the coverage for the newest version of Postfix (2.2) that went GA after the book went to the printers.

The Book of Postfix
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