A few months back, a friend of mine (Hi Andy!) introduced me to City of Heroes. It’s a fairly interesting game, though I find the concept of shards of the world being wholly independent a bit restricting. If there are people all around the world playing, I’d like to be able to interact with them – much like how MUDs are.

Browsing around the other day on Ars Technica, I hopped into the Gaming forum and browsed a few of the threads. One of them was about a game called EVE Online, and the concept seemed quite cool. It’s essentially Elite on 3D steroids and a much, much bigger universe. Even better, everyone is in the same universe at the same time – there’s ‘one’ server (in reality, a cluster of blades), and everyone is visible. Well, sort of visible. If you’re not in the same region, or even solar system, you won’t see the person (other than perhaps the Corp channel etc).

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