Tag: Photography

  • Zenfolio and taking the leap

    Photography, for me, is a hobby verging on a passion; with most of my pleasure coming from shooting at gigs.  I get to hear good music, and I get to hone my skills – not a bad life really. I’m also a system administrator, with the ability to write code in a variety of languages, […]

  • A Flamenco Night

    Towards the end of last month, Matt Hernandez dropped me an e-mail enquiring whether I’d be interested in showing up at Cox’s Yard for an evening of Flamenco/Celtic fusion, featuring the Street Shepherd Band with Ana Garcia, and supported by Katie Dove-Dixon. I knew I was on call, but said that I’d like to show […]

  • Networking, GW Fest and stepping up a gear

    Decided to go to the Great Western Festival (in aid of the regional air ambulance) last weekend.  You’d think that having spent an entire weekend there, accumulating several hundred photos to process, I wouldn’t be going back so soon to take even more photos.  Well, I’m not always that logical, and some of the bands […]

  • Warwick Folk Festival, and the Great Western Pub – part 3

    Sunday afternoon saw me returning to the Great Western pub for the Americana / blues bands they were hosting.  This time I carried my green chair with me, as the prospect of spending another 8 hours sitting on the wooden benches at the pub was not very enticing.  Acts included the Dustbowl String Band (featuring […]

  • Warwick Folk Festival, and the Great Western Pub – part 2

    Having rolled home around 00:45 on Saturday (Oysterband ran long due to encores), I slept in a bit.  Decided to wander over to the Festival around 11:30 A.M., and looked for lunch.  Fortune smiled, and there was a Caribbean food stand offering curried mutton, saltfish fritters, jerk chicken and more.  Enquired after the curried mutton, […]

  • Warwick Folk Festival, and the Great Western Pub – part 1

    It was the Warwick Folk Festival over the weekend just gone, and I decided that I should enjoy summer while it’s here.  Nipped down to the ticket office on Friday afternoon, purchased a ticket for the entire weekend, and then zipped home after work to grab the D80, lenses, flash, and battery packs.  Hopped on […]