A summer of tomatoes

This year I decided against growing potatoes, given the blight and other issues I had last year. Instead, I opted for tomatoes (a staple that I grow anyway), runner beans, peppers, courgettes, and butternut squash. The tomatoes grew beyond my expectations, and I even gained a few random plants in the bigger VegTrug that grew from the seeds of last year’s plants. The courgettes suffered from blossom end rot, or something like it, and really didn’t have much taste. The squash is still ripening at this point, so I don’t know if it’ll be any good.

Amazingly, it’s mid-October and the tomatoes are still ripening; I probably need to trim the plants a bit to force the ripening before the weather turns too cold (though I may have missed that opportunity). I’ve pulled over 2 kg of tomatoes from the plants over the summer, which really isn’t bad for a set of plants that I didn’t really do too much to care for.

The peppers are also finally ripening; I don’t know if they’ll ripen properly now, as the temperatures are too low. However, I’ll pull it into the passageway, and see if that does the trick to finish the ripening process.