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  • A summer of tomatoes

    A summer of tomatoes

    This year I decided against growing potatoes, given the blight and other issues I had last year. Instead, I opted for tomatoes (a staple that I grow anyway), runner beans, peppers, courgettes, and butternut squash. The tomatoes grew beyond my expectations, and I even gained a few random plants in the bigger VegTrug that grew…

  • Plant growth

    Plant growth

    The veg are doing well in the VegTrug. 17 days on, and everything is looking healthy.

  • Adding a VegTrug โ€“ part 2

    Adding a VegTrug – part 2

    Finished work yesterday on a bit of a โ€œreallyโ€ฝโ€ note, and decided to go to the local garden centre and dodge the bank holiday crowd that would probably show up today. My Scotch Bonnet died over winter, so I was quite happy to find some in stock at Windy Ridge. Theyโ€™ll be indoor plants probably,…