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  • A summer of tomatoes

    A summer of tomatoes

    This year I decided against growing potatoes, given the blight and other issues I had last year. Instead, I opted for tomatoes (a staple that I grow anyway), runner beans, peppers, courgettes, and butternut squash. The tomatoes grew beyond my expectations, and I even gained a few random plants in the bigger VegTrug that grew…

  • Garden roundup

    Garden roundup

    Summer is here, apparently. It’s barely cracking 16 degrees on a sunny day, and night time lows are still under 10 degrees. However, the garden is waking up, and the birds and insects are showing up.

  • Plant growth

    Plant growth

    The veg are doing well in the VegTrug. 17 days on, and everything is looking healthy.

  • More veg for the garden

    More veg for the garden

    After getting my first COVID inoculation, I figured I may as well swing through Windy Ridge on the way home. Ended up with a few self-watering pots, and some pea plants. The rose bushes, which were cut back far later than they should have been, are doing well. The bulbs that K and I planted…

  • Adding a VegTrug โ€“ part 3

    Adding a VegTrug – part 3

    With the ‘trug filled with soil, the plants got added to it. There were too many Brussels Sprouts to plant out in the ‘trug, so some ended up in the planter used for tomatoes last year. Have to find a home for one more tomato plant yet, and I’ll probably add some shallow-root carrots to…

  • Adding a VegTrug โ€“ part 2

    Adding a VegTrug – part 2

    Finished work yesterday on a bit of a โ€œreallyโ€ฝโ€ note, and decided to go to the local garden centre and dodge the bank holiday crowd that would probably show up today. My Scotch Bonnet died over winter, so I was quite happy to find some in stock at Windy Ridge. Theyโ€™ll be indoor plants probably,…