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  • A summer of tomatoes

    A summer of tomatoes

    This year I decided against growing potatoes, given the blight and other issues I had last year. Instead, I opted for tomatoes (a staple that I grow anyway), runner beans, peppers, courgettes, and butternut squash. The tomatoes grew beyond my expectations, and I even gained a few random plants in the bigger VegTrug that grew […]

  • Garden macro

    Garden macro

    While I’ve been unable to find my D750, I’ve at least found my D700, and my Nikkor 2.8 Micro lens. Can’t find my tripod quick release plate (it’s probably on the D750), but I’m still getting some reasonable results hand-held.

  • Ten-hut! House inspection time!

    Today was the day of the Grand Inspection by my paternal grandparents of the new kitchen. I am pleased to report that the work has been approved of! Need to get the channels filled in, and the wall re-skimmed where the tiles left holes. After that, I’ll have to decide on the splashback, and the […]