Finished work yesterday on a bit of a “really‽” note, and decided to go to the local garden centre and dodge the bank holiday crowd that would probably show up today.

My Scotch Bonnet died over winter, so I was quite happy to find some in stock at Windy Ridge. They’ll be indoor plants probably, since the Irish climate isn’t exactly what one would call tropical, let alone sub-tropical. Also picked up some tomato plants as I have propagated any this year. oh, and Brussels sprouts and parsnips. Let’s see if I can keep them all alive!

As I sit in the garden writing this, I’d swear I can hear a goose. Odd.

This morning’s exercise was to dig soil out of last year’s bean bags, to start the ‘Trug off, then blend bagged soil and wormcast to fill. Still a bit short, so I’ll move more bean bag soil over and blend it in. Happily found a few worms in the green bags, so they’ve been dumped into the ‘Trug.

A local robin has already inspected my handiwork, and enjoyed the insects and other crawlies that were exposed by moving the green bags.

Up, up, and away!

After sitting and watching the robin, I decided to move some more of the bean bag soil over – got enough out to be able to lift the bag up and onto the top of the ‘Trug, whereupon it promptly ripped. Oh well, good thing I wanted that soil in the ‘Trug.

Adding a VegTrug – part 2
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