Today was the day for getting the final top bricks on, and sort out the rear garden wall (make it usable). With the new insulated floor, my head just about reaches the bottom of the lintel for the window, so there should be enough headroom even if I have a full helmet/respirator setup on. Michael will be insulating between the rafters, instead of using thermal board on the ceiling, so that’ll save some height too.

Decided to put a decently large VELUX rooflight in so that I can avail of as much natural light as possible inside the workshop. Not a cheap bit of kit, but now is the time to do it, since it’ll need reinforcement in the rafters to support it. Opted for the opening version, just in case it’s a really hot day – unlikely in Ireland, but one never knows.

Just need the electrician to visit, price, and first fix..

Renovating the studio: part 8
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