One of the things missing from Blue Opal is power in the master cabin. She was built at a time when USB ports were barely a thing, and cigarette socket power was usually provided by the engine (which she has). So, simple project – take advantage of my new-found ability to run power into the power cubby over the chart table, and get some sockets in the master cabin.

I settled on two power sockets – one for a twin USB socket that can provide 2A of power on each socket (good for charging iPads etc), and a dual Anderson Power Pole unit from Powerwerx in the US. I was initially thinking of chocolate blocks to do the wiring, but settled on a 4-terminal APP distribution block from SOTABEAMS. This gave me one input terminal, and three output terminals. Perfect for wiring up the sockets.

All of the sockets are a standard size, easily drilled out with the right size circular bit, though Blue Opal’s bulkhead for the storage unit by the berth is fairly thick, requiring drilling from both sides.

The durability of APP connectors in a marine environment is unknown to me, but it can’t be worse than a chocolate block terminal.

Powering up the master bow cabin
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