Just the build mind you; the fit-out and decoration is still to be done. The fireplace will be installed this week coming, on Thursday, and the builder is on to snag list / final items. Painting quote needed

  • Skim kitchen walls
  • Skim kitchen ceiling
  • Skim kitchen alcove
  • Skim kitchen doorway
  • Skim plasterboard under stairs
  • Clean kitchen floor, prep for self level
  • Beading for the stair wood/plaster/skim join
  • Joists for the landing at the bottom of the stairs
  • Finish access panels in passageway
  • Patch hole by downstairs bathroom
  • Vent in bedroom with water tank
  • Ceiling patching in bedroom with water tank
  • Master bedroom vent
  • Balcony-attached room vent
  • Finish balcony haunching
  • Finish balcony handrail to spec; 4×2 caprail, 3×2 planed timber for X and I portions, undercoated to protect
  • Powerwash porch roof corner wall
  • Treat 2 foot out along that washed wall, from top flashing down to concrete step
  • Clean balcony door scorch damage
  • Remove old shower pipe
  • Continue haunching all the way from edge of house to edge of studio
  • 6″ pipe for kitchen ventilation, installed as close to door as possible to facilitate upper units of kitchen
  • Patch 6″ pipe
  • Patch en-suite pipe
  • Block lift and reset outside kitchen for ponding
  • Breakfast/dining area vent cover
Getting close to a finished build
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