Well, we are making progress on the house, but it feels like backwards progress some days.

After looking at the back wall of the second bedroom on Friday gone, I told the builder to strip it back and thermal board it. Like other walls, it was covered in 20 – 30 mm of gypsum. Post-stripping, we discovered that parts of it actually had a scratch (sand/cement) render, and parts of it didn’t. This morning, doing the morning walk through, I noticed that I could see light under the frame of the window in that wall – turns out it’s on the wall with no render (just gypsum and foam), there’s nothing underneath it other than foam, and it’s not even screwed in to the reveal.

The third bedroom has turned out to be another mould-infested room. What started as a discussion about where to place a vent to get airflow in the room turned into a session of tapping the wall, wondering why it sounded hollow/blown off, and digging in to it to check how it was rendered.

The answer was another 20 – 30 mm of gypsum, and no scratch coat, and once the fitted wardrobe was removed to do the kango work, the infestation of mould was found.

It’s not all doom and gloom though; one of the focus areas today was to get the master bedroom and second bedroom back together – boarded up, flooring anchored – so that the tradesmen have some room to store bits from bedroom three.

Of course, it wouldn’t be this house if there were a few issues in the kitchen, as the electrician is installing the new cable runs for the appliances, boiler, and overhead lights.

Every single time I think we’re making progress…
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