The front step has been cast, and the kitchen patio has been finished. I’ve checked the slope/run, and it’s good – the water runs into the drains for the most part. There’s a bit of the upper garden, right next to the drain, that’s lower than the drain, and water skips right past – lands on the lower patio, and ends up in a different drain.

I need a dolly to move some IKEA furniture without taking it to pieces, and neither the big-box (if you could call Woodies that) store nor my local hardware store have moving dollies in stock. Four all-way casters, a plank of wood, and some wood screws, and I’ve got myself a simple moving dolly that I can take to pieces after the move and re-use the parts.

I do have to wonder who built some of this house, and whether they were a skilled professional or not. The floor of the back bedroom droops downwards where it meets the stairwell and the hallway (which is basically under the water tank). It looks like they built a floating corner, and didn’t cantilever it. At some point, someone noticed the corner was drooping, and put a timber post underneath it to hold the floor up – but didn’t actually correct the issue. Understandable though, because that corner is probably also taking load from the building roof!

Step done, patio done
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