Back this evening, and the membrane is down, the insulation is in place, the pipes have been clipped down and set in place for the radiators (accounting for the 50mm insulation on the walls), and the wiring conduits are down and full of wiring.

Discussion with the electrician (who was still there when I got to the house after work) was around how we’re going to deal with the isolation switches for all the appliances in the kitchen without taking up all the carcasses, running new bonding for the boiler, and how to light the living room. His suggestion is downlights with gimbals; two in the porch, equidistant, three by two in the main part of the living room, and 3 in an L shape to match around the staircase on the other side of the beam. They’ll be easy to do if the flooring is up (which it will be) upstairs.

First fix pipes
First fix piping almost done
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