The replacement bulbs for the head and engine lights have arrived. Alas, I found out today that while I got the size and fitting type right, I hadn’t noticed that the existing bulbs are the ones with two contacts on the bottom that twist in to place when the bulb is locked into the bayonet socket. The ones I got? Single contact. Bugger.

Having discovered this fact, I looked at the lovely sunny weather, and went on a nice little 7 nm jaunt around Dublin Bay; a clean hull is a wonderful thing for boat speed. Tried to use the autohelm, and then noticed that it was reading hard-to-starboard when the wheel was midships. This can only mean one thing – the blasted registration rod has fallen out again, despite being put in last time with Loctite. Indeed, this is what has happened.

Also discovered that one of my batteries is reading 9V, so it’s probably not a very happy battery – Blue Opal was on shore power for the entire time she was slipped for cleaning, so I guess I’m looking for a new battery.

Spring sail, and the autohelm is borked again
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