Orange don’t know it yet, but I’m changing my pay-monthly phone to a PAYG phone this weekend.  I’ve finally succumbed to the lure (and allure) of the HTC Touch Pro, and acquired one on contract with Vodafone.  There are plenty of reviews on the ‘net already, so I’ll just remark this – I like it 🙂  As a geek, I’m really impressed with the ability of the phone to connect to Last.FM when I’m out and about (on the 3G connection).  I’m fairly sure that heavy use of this streaming would get Vodafone to notice (500 MB fair usage), but for walking in to work and so on, it’s brilliant.

I just need to get pocket PuTTY installed, and get the VPN connection to $work functioning, and I’ll have an SSH and RDP capable device that can connect from anywhere with a WiFi or 3G signal (in the UK at least, the Pro apparently isn’t quad-band).

Farewell Orange, Hello Vodafone
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