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  • Zenfolio and taking the leap

    Photography, for me, is a hobby verging on a passion; with most of my pleasure coming from shooting at gigs.  I get to hear good music, and I get to hone my skills – not a bad life really. I’m also a system administrator, with the ability to write code in a variety of languages, […]

  • Java, I Stab At Thee!

    I’m doing some final tuning work on the Puppet recipes for our Glassfish installation, and Java has reared one of its ugly heads again. In this case, it’s the whole management of the command line arguments for the JVM. The majority of the arguments we need to configure take the form -D$variable=$value -XX:$variable=$value The problem […]

  • An opaque Glassfish error

    Doing more testing at work today, and decided to pickup the latest compiled output from the build server. Exception occured in J2EEC Phasejava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown ContainerTransaction type [Requires] com.sun.enterprise.deployment.backend.IASDeploymentException: Error loading deployment descriptors for module [EJB FILE] — Unknown ContainerTransaction type [Requires] at com.sun.enterprise.deployment.backend.Deployer.loadDescriptors(Deployer.java:390) Pinged one of the developers about that, and apparently it means that […]

  • Autostarting Glassfish on CentOS

    I’ve been working with Glassfish recently, from the system administration point of view.  First task, after getting a good build with Maven (doing it with basic rpm methods netted me a massive dependency list, including things like Firefox!), was to write an init script so that Glassfish can be integrated into the CentOS boot sequence. […]

  • Dear brain, please pay attention.

    So I’m sitting here working on a mid-sized array that defines permission flag names, and the default values for different types of user – I’ve dumped the array out after sorting it, and I’m re-importing it into the code so that I can find bits easier (alpha search by analogue eye).  As I’m running a […]

  • Net::Server to the rescue

    Some days, programming can be quite fun. Boss dropped a hot rock on the lap of myself and the other developer, saying that a customer (to be?) who had a bit of paper for us wouldn’t give us the paper until a certain feature offered by sales was done. Our task (and we didn’t get […]