Silly me decided to try again to upgrade my ZyXEL firmware. I believe there’s a definition of insanity that reads ‘Trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results.’ I’m insane 🙂

This time, not only did SIP break, but I couldn’t downgrade either. This is a bit painful, as it means I can’t talk to a friend in the USA, or my parents, for free as I am wont to do. I tried e-mailing ZyXEL support with trepidation, as my last conversation via e-mail with them wasn’t exactly useful. All props to them this time though, they were able to help me solve the problem with RomPager erroring out on my 660HW-61. A full reset using the button (45 seconds to reset properly) allowed me to downgrade from PE.10 to PE.9. PE.11 is meant to be out in a month or so, at which point I’ll try upgrading again. See definition of insanity in first paragraph 🙂

I’ve also found that I really don’t need to have the stateful firewall engaged, as the router is able to do everything I need with just the NAT port forwards. I don’t get any packet tracking, but everything works, so I’m happy.

Defining insanity
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