Amarok 1.4.1 just came out for Kubuntu Dapper, and it includes better support for Last.FM’s stuff.  With 1.4 (and I think 1.3.x), you could set up a Last.FM account, and feed data in to the relational system they use to recommend music for you to listen to.  1.4.1 has introduced support for playing the custom radio stations that Last.FM offer, and it’s absolutely fantastic.

I’ve been listening to SKY Reggae for a while now, and I think this has biased my Last.FM stream quite heavily – so far I’ve had Anthony B, Tony Rebel, Jacob Miller, Sanchez, Glen Washington and Barry Brown.  I have Winamp set up at home to feed in my music collection, but it’s either not working, or it’s not offsetting the reggae enough.  Not that I’m complaining about reggae, it’s good music.

Amarok has also introduced usage of the UID and related tags in various music formats to provide song tracking, regardless of movement in the underlying file system.  Nifty feature! and Amarok
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