It’s interesting how simple acts of help / kindness towards other people can make my day.

Walking home from work the other day, I happened to notice an older gentleman trying to lever a wooden post off of his wall and out of the ground.  I stopped to watch for a few, and noticed he wasn’t really making any progress, so I nipped over the road and inquired whether he’d like some assistance with the post.  He seemed quite surprised at the offer, but readily accepted it.

A few minutes later, after a bit of thought and brute force, the top half of the post was off the wall, and the bottom half was out of the ground.  It turns out he was still recovering from a stroke, which might have explained the trouble he was having with the post.  He was quite happy once the post was out of the ground, and I walked off with a smile on my face.

Funny old thing, life.

On helping others
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