Ten-hut! House inspection time!

Today was the day of the Grand Inspection by my paternal grandparents of the new kitchen. I am pleased to report that the work has been approved of!

Need to get the channels filled in, and the wall re-skimmed where the tiles left holes. After that, I’ll have to decide on the splashback, and the kitchen will be pretty much done. It looks like it could use another lick of paint, but there’s no so much surface to cover now, so that’s something I can handle.

The garden also met with approval from Gran – she saw it a few months ago, and it’s come a long way since then. The peas are growing quite well now that I’ve got cocoa shells around them (slugs can’t stand the shells apparently), and I’ve moved most of the onions to the top bed under the flowering cherry. Apparently peas and onions don’t get on very well, so I’ve evicted the onions.

Put the new oven to the test the other night, and prepared a wonderfully moist roast chicken. I’ll be taking a knife and a long simmer to the carcass, and creating a nice chicken stock / soup tomorrow. Also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies from the Tollhouse recipe that I have – they went down a storm at work. I fear for my waistline now that I have an oven!