Well, winter is starting to make its presence known in the Midlands. Temperatures have been dropping below freezing at night, and today was the first snow in this part of the Midlands. The forecast for today didn’t even include snow, but such is the life of a weather forecaster I guess. Can’t be much more than 2 inches on the ground in about 4 – 5 hours, but apparently the road out to Woore is jammed to the point people are abandoning their cars.

Snow doesn’t faze me at the moment – I have a gorgeous black leather coat that was a gift from a very good friend, and a pair of boots that are pretty much impervious to liquid and cold (and in winter, it’s usually a combination of both). Add in a woolly hat, my lined leather gloves and a scarf and I’m almost as snug as a bug in a rug. It’s only a mile to work, which is a briskish 15 minute walk, and my only danger is ice on the sidewalks. Oh, and cars deciding that they prefer the pavement to the road.

Have to go to Manchester tomorrow night to covert a server. The initial plan involved prebuilding a regular desktop PC to do the job, but having found it’s a bit unstable (segfaults on boot, can’t be rebooted), I’ve opted to rebuild the existing server on-site. The NOC at Manchester isn’t the best place to spend an evening unfortunately, but I suppose it’s better than swimming in the North Atlantic in winter. Nope, I don’t know why I made that comparison either.

Winter Arrives, 2005
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