I’ve been using Kubuntu for a few months now – first on my server after growing tired of Gentoo and compiling to get a program that I needed 10 minutes ago (and my server is no slouch), and then on my work PC (after trying CentOS 4.1 as a desktop OS [nope]). One thing that has irritated me beyond belief for the past few months has been that Konqueror was dead slow on connecting to websites.

It took about 5 seconds from me pressing enter to it working out that yes, it could connect, and what do you know, it could download the data. I finally found the fix today – disable the ipv6 kernel module. Not the first thing I would have thought of, though it makes perfect sense, and I might have worked that out if I had bothered to run Ethereal while trying a website. Konqueror is now nice and fast again, and I’m a happy bunny.

Slow Konqueror
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