This weekend, I decided it was about time to do some maintenance on my fish tank. The water hadn’t been changed for over a month, the gravel was a bit too full of decomposing bits, one of my fish had vanished while I was on vacation, and the plants were taking over the aquarium. So, Saturday I popped into the local pet store and picked up a small holding tank and some water conditioner.

Sunday morning I cranked the heating up to keep the ambient temperature higher than normal (normal in my house right now is somewhere in the region of requiring sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt), and started transferring my fish from the big tank to the small tank. That went fine, or so I thought. As I’m cleaning the big tank, I happened to look at the smaller tank (which had the heater rod in it) – the male pearl gourami was floating just above the bottom of the tank, nary a fin moving.

Poked him with my finger, got no response. Guess the shock was too much for him 🙁

Never did find the body/bones of the other fish that vanished over the vacation – the plecostomus must have eaten the remains. Guess I’ll be going to Stapeley Water Gardens this weekend to get a replacement for the gourami, and possible another couple of small fish to liven the tank up a bit.

So long and thanks for all the fish
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