Every few days, I take 5 – 10 minutes to ‘flip’ through BoingBoing and see what odd things are going on in the world. Everything from restaurants in Japan using chairs shaped like toilet bowls to an article on Sam Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb. It’s certainly an interesting read, and so much of the general comments on politics and fear seem so true in the current world. Worth reading if you have the time.

On another note, I’m off home toBarbados in late September for a few weeks. First stop will be my grandfather’s place to fix his home network, and ensure his DSL line works satisfactorily. I’ll also be installing a Sipura for him, probably a two line one so he has options. He probably won’t use the options, but I think I’ll configure the primary line with either Gossiptel (who seem to have problems recently 🙁 ) or the UK Vonage service. The secondary line, I’ll stick on FWD – he’ll be able to dial myself and my parents for free that way (and could do with Gossiptel, we both have Gossiptel accounts), and could also dial 800 numbers in the USA.

After that, it’ll be 2 weeks of relaxing, picking up stuff from ‘Drew’s place that I’ve had there for years, and generally liming around, getting some good sunlight before winter kicks in. I’ve also got a guest coming from the US, so I may be limited on visiting old friends, but we’ll see. No internet connection other than bugging my grandfather will also be good – need to leave it behind for a while.

Finally, English weather (I use that term loosely I think) seems to have realised summer was meant to be here – a high of 26C! Of course, it’s about 2 months late.

Mid-August roundup
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