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  • Changing Cameras, part squee!

    Squee! 🙂 Much quieter shutter slap than the Konica-Minolta 5D, much faster autofocus. Hopefully it’ll be a sunny morning tomorrow, and I can get a shot I’ve been wanting to take for about 3 months!  The thought of only fitting 100 images on a 2 GB card tells me I really need to address my […]

  • Changing cameras, part the second

    Went back to Jessops at lunch today, and handled the Pentax and Nikon side by side – switching from one to the other, running test shots (without a card), and getting a feel for the grip, button layout etc. The Pentax K10D is a technically fantastic camera, complete with weather seals, a button for flicking […]

  • Behold the power of the Internet

    Praise be to the power of the Internet, and the Hive Mind that inhabits Ars Technica.  I posted there, enquiring about the lens options for the D80, as I’d like to avoid spending too much on the replacement for the 5D.  A reply by kefkafloyd supplied me with information I’d been unable to find anywhere […]

  • Changing Cameras, part the first

    Following on from an earlier posting, I went to the local Jessops store today and returned my Konica-Minolta 5D for (essentially) store credit. The manager was quite pleasant, and gave me 500 quid in vouchers – the camera value plus the extended warranty I had purchased. I then played with a few cameras, primarily the […]

  • It’s back, again…

    My camera is back in my possession, and the shutter button appears to work properly again. So, onwards and upwards to see if the crash issue has been fixed, or whether I’m going to be talking to a certain manager at a certain store.

  • SmartDisk Photobank

    Work paid a bonus this month, and I decided to finally get myself a portable photo wallet for when I’m at events like RIAT, without Mum’s jukebox to offload on to. I’ve been eyeing up things like the Epson P-2000 and P-4000, as well as various HD based MP3 players, trying to find a device […]